"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


'tis the season

It's SWEDOW bracket time! For those first-timers, this is an NCAA men's college basketball tournament bracket competition with prizes for the winner that are considered SWEDOW ("stuff we don't want,") a phrase coined by the inimitable Tales from the Hood. All you have to do to compete is fill out a bracket and join the SWEDOW 2013 group via the ESPN Tournament Challenge.

What can you win? Well, this year's prize pack includes (but is not limited to) a lilac bridesmaid's dress, Hanukkah socks, some BibleMan action hero DVDs, and a used Chipotle bag. If you have SWEDOW to add, email me ASAP so I can tell you where to send it. Get excited and enter now!

(Caveats: Whoever wins the bracket group gets the prizes, but I can't afford to ship them outside the US and Canada. In case someone outside the US & Canada wins, he/she gets bragging rights and the first player down the list from the winner who is in the US & Canada gets the SWEDOW. If the winner/prize winner doesn't claim his/her prizes after 7 days, I send it to the next person down the list until the SWEDOW is no longer my problem.)