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Rift Valley Institute 2012

From friend of the blog Jason Stearns, news about this year's Rift Valley Institute Great Lakes Course. As always, it looks to be fantastic.
We are holding our annual Great Lakes course in Bujumbura from July 7-13. The deadline for applications is April 30.

The course will provide an intensive introduction to the politics and history of Rwanda, Burundi and the DR Congo through a series of presentations and workshops. Around 40 diplomats, aid officials and journalists usually attend, and we feature a dozen lecturers, most of whom stay the whole week. The course this year will inevitably be focusing a lot on the aftermath of elections in the DRC, as well as future challenges in Rwanda, and the risk of an escalation of violence in Burundi. As always, we will also spend several days exploring the deep history of the region and the roots of the conflict.

This year, our instructors include:
  • Filip Reyntjens (University of Antwerp)
  • Jean Omasombo (University of Kinshasa and Royal Africa Museum)
  • Koen Vlassenroot (University of Ghent)
  • Anneke van Woudenberg (Human Rights Watch)
  • Jean-Paul Kimonyo (Office of the President, Rwanda)
  • Séverin Mugangu (Official University of Bukavu)
  • Arsène Kirhero (OCHA)
  • Steve Hege (UN Group of Experts on Congo)
  • Greg Salter (Economist Intelligence Unit)
  • Willy Nindorera (International Crisis Group, Burundi)
  • Mvemba Dizolele (Johns Hopkins University)
The course directors are Jason Stearns (former coordinator, UN Group of Experts), Emily Paddon (Oxford University), and Philip Winter (former chief of staff, Inter-Congolese Dialogue)

I have attached a brochure, and more information can be found at www.riftvalley.net.


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