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29 seats

A United Nations plane crashed while trying to land at the airport serving Congo's capital, Kinshasa, on Monday, killing 32 people, U.N. officials said. One person aboard survived.
Among those killed:
The International Rescue Committee is profoundly saddened to confirm that Dr. Boubacar Toure, our senior reproductive health advisor in Congo, was among those who died in a United Nations plane crash today in Kinshasa.

Dr. Toure, 63 and a native of Guinea, was an internationally recognized leader in the maternal health field and was deeply committed to reversing high levels of maternal mortality in Congo and other countries where he has worked.
I join the IRC, the UN, and many other organizations in mourning the loss of colleagues, family members, and friends in this unspeakable tragedy. As someone who regularly waits, hopes, prays, and crosses fingers to get one of the precious seats on Congo's safest means of air travel, my thoughts are with all those UN and NGO personnel who, though deeply shaken and saddened, will wake up tomorrow and get on another flight, all for the sake of helping to improve the situation in the Congo.


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Very well said, as always.

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