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time to vote

Via Roving Bandit, you need to watch this:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this referendum aspect that can potentially lead to the creation of a seperate nation was agreed upon at the Naivashia Peace Agreement amongst the parties represented. I know the civil war in Sudan was at least part over this very issue. What types of pressure or cohersion (if any) was put upon the parties to agree to this referendum is very unclear to me. Nevertheless, I am very uncomfortable with the national sovereignty of a nation being determined in this manner when this vote is not being put before all people in the country as the borders currently stand. Of course there is the example of Quebec, which has had similar referendum intiatives which also did not involve the input of Candians nationwide.
Katanga has long has a contentious relationship with the rest of the DRC, would it be find for them to withdraw from the rest of DRC based on a referendum?
This issue of national sovereignty is very serious matter in my mind.

Are there any short briefings or articles that present the Sudan situation in a context that makes a potentential division of the couuntry a reasonable notion?

This whole thing really bothers me.

Friday, October 15, 2010 10:37:00 AM


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