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grassroots action in the DRC, part 2

Another profile of a Congolese leader doing great work to solve local problems:
In 2001, during the height of the violence in Goma, Christine along with nine other women saw a tremendous need for an organization that could meet the needs of the most vulnerable young people in eastern Congo. Each founder made either a financial or material donation to start the organization. They named the organization Children’s Voice in order to help children living in extreme poverty, including orphans, former child soldiers or sex slaves.

Nine years later, Children’s Voice has two schools and vocational training centers in Goma and are in the process of building a third. Christine has become a leading advocate for children in the DRC, and her efforts are paving the way toward a more stable and peaceful society.
Children's Voice partners with several international and local organizations, including UNICEF and World Vision. You can provide a scholarship for children in their schools by donating here.


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