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what kampala means

Africa Works:
That Shabaab-directed violence may now be spilling into Uganda adds urgency to the importance of crafting a US policy towards Somalia that reflects the realities on the ground, which include the de facto partition of this geographically well-endowed region into 3 autonomous “provinces.”

Having spent many pleasant and productive days in Kampala, I hope the city soon returns to “normal.” Kampala is perhaps the most peaceful, crime-free large cities in the entire African continent.
PBS's Need to Know:
The bombs targeted sports spots—one a well known rugby club and the other an Ethiopian restaurant where patrons had gathered to watch the World Cup Final. Both locations have some symbolic significance: Al-Shabab has banned soccer (and presumably other sports as well) in the areas it controls, labeling them un-Islamic. By going after sports clubs where lots of foreigners gathered to socialize and watch unIslamic things on TV, Al-Shabab was sending a social, as well as a political message: you are not safe.
Andrew Mwenda will have much to say, I'm sure.

Like millions of others all over the world, my heart aches for lovely Kampala tonight.


Blogger Steffan said...

This may be completely erroneous, but with the autonomous region of Somaliland receiving a bit of Western press attention for yet another successful democratic election, I have been wondering what these bombings mean for them. I was hoping to get your thoughts on the issue. What, if anything, do these attacks do to Somaliland's quest for legitimacy and recognition? Do you think these attacks will in any way alter the way the US, UN, and the rest of the Western world sees and deals with Somaliland?

I really doubt that the bombings in Kampala will have any affect on Somaliland, but I have been spending quite a bit of time thinking about it.

My deepest condolences to the people of Kampala.

Monday, July 12, 2010 2:31:00 PM


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