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I haven't commented on this because it's just unspeakably sad. The flags here have been at half staff for the last two days as a period of national mourning. This morning a friend sent me a picture of the aftermath of the devastation that I never wanted to see. It looked like Pompeii.

From the BBC:
At least 230 people were killed when the overturned oil tanker exploded and sparked a fire in Sange village.

Some of those who died were trying to collect leaking fuel but others were trapped inside buildings, including a cinema, by the blaze.

UN peacekeepers, aid workers and troops have been helping the injured.

Weak state = few public goods = no fire department when you need one. At least 60 of the dead were children.

Oh, oh, oh.


Blogger lu said...

i have seen people congregating around overturned oil trucks, gathering the spilled oil as best they could, and it was heartbreaking without a fire and the devastation of so many lives lost.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010 2:01:00 PM


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