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the profits kept rolling in

Seems that Congolese President Joseph Kabila and his First Lady have a bit of an issue on their hands:
This past Thursday, May 27, Pastor Théodore Mugalu, head of the “Maison Civile du Président” (the General Secretariat of the President), took the extraordinary step of summoning various leaders of Kinshasa evangelical churches at the Cathédrale du Centenaire in Lingwala Commune to tell them to stop soliciting meetings with the presidential couple to share their “prophetic messages.” Mugalu decried the fact that the chief of staff to the President is swamped under these demands for audiences with the presidential couple by prophets and born-again kooks of all stripes.

Mugalu told the assembled self-proclaimed pastors, high-priests, bishops, archbishops, brothers-in-Christ, sisters-in-Christ, crazies-for-God, apostles, visionaries and prophets that “at the kindly request of the First Lady, Madame Marie-Olive Lembe,” he wanted to remind them that the DRC is a non-religious state.


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