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rwandan military officers arrested

From the BBC:
Two high-ranking officers have been suspended from Rwanda's military and put under arrest, a military spokesperson told the BBC.

Maj-Gen Charles Muhire has been accused of corruption and misuse of office, Lt-Gen Karenzi Karake of immoral conduct.

This comes just days after a reshuffle in Rwanda's military leadership and ahead of elections due in August.

It follows reports in a local newspaper that the men had misunderstandings with President Paul Kagame.

However, the government has dismissed these reports as rumours.

A few days later, the Kinyarwandan (one of Rwanda's official languages) independent newspaper was suspended for publishing false information and inciting resentment in the army, says the BBC's Geoffrey Mutagoma in Kigali.

...BBC Great Lakes analyst Kasim Kayira says the arrests will be seen by ordinary Rwandans as further evidence of divisions in the military.
Jason Stearns has some analysis of other recent actions in Rwanda's military leadership shakeup here.


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I think "analysis" might be a big word for a 200 word blog posting. But hell, I'll take the credit.

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