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on sudan's elections

The Carter Center issues a statement on Sudan's upcoming elections:
In its latest statement on Sudan's electoral process, The Carter Center notes that while much has been achieved in organizing the 2010 elections, the country's first competitive elections since 1986, the process remains at risk on multiple fronts including the ability of candidates to campaign freely and the impact of delayed logistical preparations by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

Sudan's election campaigning has been ongoing across the country since Feb. 13, with some 16,000 candidates contesting 1841 parliamentary and executive seats. Although there have been incidents of violence, the campaign so far has been mostly peaceful. The overall electoral environment continues to suffer though from a legacy of years of repression. Improvement of the freedom of candidates to campaign and disseminate their messages through the state media is necessary. Further, the ability of candidates and supporters to express their views freely is limited by existing laws that contravene Sudan's constitutional protections. Campaigning has been constrained due to an environment of insecurity in many parts of the country, including Darfur and Eastern Sudan. This insecurity may inhibit the success of the electoral process and the Center urges further efforts to improve security for the elections period and beyond.

The Center strongly recommends that the NEC and other Sudanese authorities to take steps to ensure that the campaign period is both peaceful and fair to all candidates and to quickly address any violations that arise. Failure to do so will erode confidence in the election process and put its success at risk.
More updates on the elections are here.


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