"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


mysteriouser and mysteriouser

On Yar'Adua's return to Nigeria:
Two unmarked jets landed in the dead of night at the sealed-off international airport in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, to be met by a fleet of SUVs and an ambulance.

Within minutes, that 23-vehicle convoy was speeding along the deserted highway – with armed officers stationed every 300 meters – toward Abuja and, eventually, to the presidential palace at Aso Rock.

Yar'Adua is not yet healthy enough to lead the country, which will be run in the interim by Vice President Goodluck Jonathan.

But how is Yar'Adua's health?

“I have not seen [Yar'Adua], so I cannot say what his condition is,” says Mary Ikoku, special assistant to the minister of information. “But he arrived in what I can call an air ambulance, and he was taken to Aso Rock in an ambulance, so I don’t imagine that he is in the best of health.”


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