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APCG mentoring initiative

Some of you may be interested in the new mentoring program of the African Politics Conference Group, an association of scholars of African politics. The Mentoring Initiative aims to connect graduate students and faculty who share areas of scholarly interest. In particular, it is hoped that the Mentoring Initiative will connect grad students in programs that may not have an Africanist scholar on the faculty, or grad students who are looking for guidance from scholars who study regions different from those of the Africanist scholars on their faculties. From the announcement:
APCG is developing a mentoring program and is seeking both potential
mentors and mentees to sign up. The APCG Mentoring Initiative is a
response to the perceived need for guidance in graduate study,
fieldwork, job search and the early years of teaching. At the same time
it is a way for us to reach out to graduate students and include them in
APCG from their early years in the profession so that they might have
access to the collegiality and vigorous academic discussion that
characterizes the group. The Mentoring Initiative seeks to pair graduate
students with those specializing in their geographic area of interest
within Africa and/or their research topic.
If you are interested in participating in the Mentoring Initiative as a grad student or faculty mentor, please email me and I'll forward you the whole announcement with sign-up information.

If you're an Africanist political scientist and are not yet affiliated with the APCG, please join us at our meetings at the ASA, ISA, and APSA annual meetings. It's a great group of scholars and provides many useful networking opportunities.


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