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Today is World AIDS Day. Instead of spending $4 on an overpriced cup of mediocre coffee out of which a paltry 5 cents will be donated to the Global Fund, I encourage you to donate 100% of your $4 (or more!) to an organization working to help people living with HIV/AIDS or those who suffer from its secondary effects.

One of my favorite organizations working on this issue is Global Strategies for HIV/AIDS Prevention. They are mostly volunteer-run, which keeps overhead low, and work with existing in-country health care organizations, which means they get fast results. I've seen their work on the ground in the DRC and have full confidence that they use their resources better than most. It costs Global Strategies less than $1 to provide a dose of nevirapine to an HIV+ mother at delivery of her infant. Getting those medications to pregnant mothers at delivery is effective in preventing transmission of the disease to the child about 50% of the time.

That strikes me as a much better use of $4 than spending it at Starbucks.

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Blogger Carole Turner said...

I give to project hopeful, which helps families adopt kids with HIV. Also Children's Hope Chest, which helps AIDS orphans in Africa and in Russia and also Children's Cup which has Care Centers that feed kids in Swaziland. I dont buy Starbucks if I can help it because of their non fair trade practices but I do like the RED products at the GAP.

Thursday, December 10, 2009 10:23:00 PM


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