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taking a stand

Oh, MONUC, your unique system of logic never ceases to amaze and appall me:

The UN has withdrawn its support for an army unit in Democratic Republic of Congo, accusing soldiers of killing 62 civilians, a top UN official says.

UN peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy said he had information that the army had "clearly targeted" the civilians.

That's right. MONUC will suspend its involvement with ONE UNIT of the FARDC because its soldiers apparently killed 62 civilians in Lukweti.

Never mind the abundant evidence that most of the FARDC units operating in the east have killed, raped, and looted from countless civilians all over the eastern Congo in the last five years, or that the rate of atrocities skyrocked due to the ten-month (so far!), UN-backed Kimia II operation. Civilians have suffered far more direct harm from the FARDC than have any of the region's rebels, insurgents, or troublemakers.

The sad part of this is that the Congolese government, the Rwandan government, MONUC, the DPKO, and the Security Council are all well aware that the FARDC is the east's main problem at the moment. Everybody knows that getting this settled will require the action of an independent peacekeeping force that has a broad mandate for civilian protection and that can conduct operations without (and even, if necessary, against) the national army. Pretending that cutting ties to one unit will substantially improve the situation is ridiculous.


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