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one to watch: darfur

The SSRC's excellent Making Sense of Darfur blog will host a debate regarding recent predictions of possible outcomes as Sudan faces two major events in the coming months. From Alex de Waal's introduction:
Sudan faces two momentous events in the next fifteen months. The first is the general election, intended as the first multi-party nationwide elections in the nation’s history (earlier multiparty elections in the 1960s and 1980s did not include war-affected areas in the south, an exclusion that doomed the resulting governments). The second is the referendum on self-determination in southern Sudan, which if indications of southern opinion are reliable, will lead to a decisive vote for secession. With all the attention on ‘CPA implementation’—which consists of safely getting to the point of the referendum—there has been far too little attention to what happens afterwards.
This will definitely be one to watch.


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