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great news

Jason Stearns is blogging at Congo Siasa.* This is excellent news. Most recently of the UN Group of Experts on the Congo, Jason knows more about the eastern DRC than just about any other outsider. We'll all benefit from having regular access to his insights on the region.

If you're at all interested in the Kivus, you should definitely subscribe to the feed or add it to your reader. Here's his description:
Congo Siasa intends to chronicle the complex inner workings of Congo politics, in particular in the restive Kivus region. It should be pithy, brief and analytical. None of us really have much time for anything else. I will also feature guest bloggers, from the Congo and abroad, as long as their views are within the realm of sound reason and relevant.

French, English and any of the Congolese language go (although once we get to Kibangubangu our readership will become seriously limited).
For a taste of the type of analysis he provides, check out this post featuring before & after satellite imagery of Kimia II.

(Thanks to David for the tip.)

*Siasa = politics in Kiswahili.


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