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eventual salvation

For those of you who get the Sundance Channel, this sounds interesting. From a press release someone sent:
I’m helping the Sundance Channel spread the word about Monday’s U.S. TV premiere of its original documentary Eventual Salvation. Thought you and your readers would be interested.

In this uplifting film, the director Dee Rees follows her 80-year-old grandmother Earnestine Smith, as she returns to her adopted home of Liberia to help rebuild a country emerging from 14 years of civil war. Smith is reunited with old friends and colleagues, who have also resolved to lend their expertise to the hard work of restoring communities and infrastructure. As it chronicles the efforts of Smith and her friends, Eventual Salvation interweaves their thoughts and stories with those of neighboring young men and women, who have resumed their lives and education after losing their childhoods to war.

...This personal story of hope and redemption won the Creative Promise Award for Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival.


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