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Blogger Charlie Mac said...

I'm tired of those who claim we do not like Obama or his policies because either we lost the election or because he is black, or both. Did you not like Bush because he was a Texan or white or because Gore lost the election? You just did not like his policies and railed against them all the while he was president.

Please, quit saying that we are against Obama because he is black or that we lost the election. His failed policies of trillions for bailouts for the banking industry and automobile industry seem to be proof that we are correct so far. Banks are still failing. The auto industry is still decreasing payrolls. Unemployment is still going up, no matter what Biden says.

The cash for clunkers is acclaimed as a success. Thousands of people made deals on cars they will not be able to afford the payments on. Dealers are still waiting on their money which they will have to pay taxes on, but not the people who supposedly benefited from the program. The program spent (on paper) three times the planned money and ended in a third of the time allotted. No one except an out of touch numb skull would call it a success to spend three times the money in a third of the time and still owe the participants.

Now we are supposed to sit by while someone who has in the period of eight months spent our country into the largest debt in history, much faster than any other president including Geo. Bush, speaks to our impressionable school age children about who knows what?

We will not get into the bypassing of the constitution by appointing Czars who answer only to himself over a multitude of programs or the cost to the American people of the pending cap and trade or the health care reform bills.

Given BHO's past and current record of public service if I were a parent of a school age child, I would not want them listening to this man unless I was present either. If that is being ridiculous then call me, Ridiculous Charlie Mac

Saturday, September 05, 2009 2:26:00 PM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

Charlie, I never accused President Bush of being a socialist or a fascist or of hating America. I never held up signs depicting him as Hitler or Mao. I never advocated taking weapons to places the president was speaking. I never associated myself with anyone who wants to assassinate the president, or who prays for his death.

I do my best to base my arguments on facts, which are sorely lacking in the current discussion on the right-wing side of this debate. And I sincerely believe I wouldn't have reacted so strongly had Bush planned an address to schoolchildren on a topic as innocuous as STAYING IN SCHOOL. This whole controversy was stirred up by the folks at Fox, who specialize in reporting opinion, not news. They make money with that model, so the other news organizations follow.

The far right has gone off the deep end over Obama's presidency and is behaving irrationally rather than having a responsible debate over policy disagreements. Not everyone who opposes his policies is a racist, but there is certainly a racist element out there that is using whatever rhetoric it can to make people disrespect the institution of the presidency.

As for bypassing the Constitution, the Bush administration set the standard there. There's nothing illegal or unconstitutional about appointing "czars" to oversee specific policy areas on behalf of the presidential administration.

I'm not going to engage with you any further on this topic. We obviously have deep disagreements. I would rather live and let live than continue to fight over seeing the world in different ways.

Saturday, September 05, 2009 3:20:00 PM

Blogger Chad said...

In the years following 9-11 there was a fringe movement of the left that said it was an inside job. I don't think there was anyone of clout who gave this fringe idea traction.

Now, from the fringe right comes lies about health care that they want to kill grandmas and other such nonsense. And everything Obama does, even though other Presidents before him have done it, becomes some kind of attack on America. He is going to address school children (George H.W. Bush, he gives a Ramadan Message (George W. Bush). And what is scary is not that the fringe of the right has these ideas, but that even those in power don't stand up against them. Besides just being on the fringe they are promoted on television and radio.

Soon people can be upset because the president recognized Hanukkah (secretly Jewish) or Kwanzaa (secretly black)

I'm not PoliSci guy, but maybe it is because the republicans have a leadership vacuum.

As someone who always considered himself right of center and voted for every republican presidential candidate until this last election, the republicans better realize that by becoming the party of fear and hate they are chasing off moderates like me.

Monday, September 07, 2009 7:43:00 AM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

Right. And by narrowing their base into one that increasingly appeals only to ultraconservative, white Americans, they're making themselves less and less competitive in the electoral sphere, which I think is ultimately bad for our democracy. People in the middle (like yourself) are the ones who determine the outcomes of our elections, and it's political suicide to alienate the middle with irrational arguments that aren't based on reality.

I want a system in which we have real and significant political competition. Our democracy won't work without it; the Constitution was designed to force people with conflicting views to work together and compromise. We need a right-leaning party that appeals to a broad base, just like we need a left-leaning party that does the same. Otherwise, we're going to end up with extremist policies that don't serve the American people.

Monday, September 07, 2009 12:12:00 PM


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