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haraka haraka haina baraka

@kenyanpundit reports that two Kenyan activists were arrested outside (wait for it) Integrity House this morning. Their "crime"? Protesting President Mwai Kibaki's reappointment of Justice Aaron Ringera as the head of the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC). The two are being held in Kilimani.

By all accounts, Ringerwa does not deserve reappointment; the failure to formulate responsible, responsive solutions to the many corruption scandals that have rocked Kenya since 2004 alone should be enough to disqualify him from the position. Moreover, technically, Kibaki doesn't have the power to make this appointment in such a fashion; by law, it has to be done with Parliamentary approval. The KACC is now such a mess that some want to get rid of it altogether.

I fear that these disturbing developments are yet another harbinger of the fact that some people in Kenya want to return to the days of political dictatorship. What they fail to understand - and what most Kenyans see clearly as day - is that the country's economic development is inextricably tied to its political development. Everybody in Nairobi knows that things there didn't get better until democracy arrived, and everyone knows that things will continue to get worse as the Kibaki administration siphons more and more cash from the public coffers. And I'm not convinced that the Kenyan people will stand for such nonsense again.

The outstanding public interest watchdog site Mars Group Kenya is providing good coverage of the situation. They have a great post today on the danger of getting rid of the KACC (HT: @kenyanpundit) and I'm sure they'll be able to provide more info about these arrested activists as it becomes available.


Blogger Majority said...

And, by the way, do you know how much is Ringera's salary ?
It's 2.5 million Kshs which correspond to 25,000 euro/month ! !
In Kenya almost every policeman asks a "kito kidogo" when a car or a matatu are driving on the road and there is no evidence of any improvement since Ringera is the head of KACC.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009 1:23:00 PM

Blogger Tauratinzwe said...

Your title here is one of my favorite Swahili proverbs. Thanks for using it. We all need to slow down.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009 6:38:00 AM


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