"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


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  • My friend Melissa is running an institute called the Global Feminist Theologies Project in Kenya at the moment. The project involves feminist theologians and theology students from Kenya and the U.S. They are defying every stereotype out there about Christianity in Africa and the role of women in African societies. Check out their blog here.
  • Bet Kibaki & Odinga didn't plan for this: here's evidence that the experience of political violence makes women sex workers more likely to engage in high-risk behavior. And higher risk behavior will likely translate to an increase in the HIV seropositive rate down the line. (HT: Chris Blattman)
  • My friend Jonny has some really interesting thoughts on the Israeli settlements issue. He argues that they should not be an obstacle to negotiations.
  • Here's an interesting reflection on measuring state failure from someone who clearly doesn't know much about academic definitions of state failure. He makes a good point, however, in noting that North Korea shouldn't be ranked on a "state failure" metric. The problem in North Korea is that the state is too strong. I prefer to stick with the "Are they still bottling Coca-Cola and beer?" metric. It's parsimonious and generally accurate.
  • Les sapeurs put on a fashion show in Joburg.


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