"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


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  • Gabonese President Omar Bongo is confirmed dead. Bongo, the longest-serving president in Africa, managed to resist pressures for real democratization that would have led to a change in rule despite the rising tide and cuts in aid that forced other African leaders to at least pretend they would share power. How did it do it? Oil money. And massive corruption, etc. A controversy as to who would succeed Bongo after his 42 years in power was well underway before his death and is sure to become more intense now. Our thoughts are with the Gabonese people in hopes that their next leader will serve their interests rather than his own.
  • PEN Kenya is hosting a discussion of Michaela Wrong's new book on corruption in Kenya, It's Our Turn to Eat on Sunday. If you're there and go, please let me know how it goes or send a link to your blog post on it. Official copies of the book have not been available in Kenya due to fears of raids on booksellers, but they will be available at the discussion on Sunday for 900 Ksh. (HT: Sukuma Kenya and @kenyanpundit)
  • Speaking of, I finished the book last night and will post a review tomorrow.
  • Well, apparently we're no longer going to be able to get judicial rulings in Texas, because all of our judges (most of whom are elected in partisan political campaigns) are now prohibited from hearing cases involving their campaign contributors. It would be interesting to see how many cases meet that threshold.
  • Speaking of corrupt politics in our crazy state, Texas Monthly released its Ten Best/Ten Worst Legislators list for the 2009 session this weekend.
  • Here is a very cool video about a Morehouse trip to South Africa. I'm so excited about teaching there! (HT: @dollabrand)
  • Way to go, AMD. Way to go.


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Cool, I didn't know you were going to Morehouse! I'm at Georgia State... I'll have to sneak into a class sometime!

Thursday, June 11, 2009 2:48:00 PM


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