"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


weekend this & that

  • If preservationists in D.C. can run amok landmarking hideous buildings, I don't see why we shouldn't stick up markers in front of the icons of tens of thousands of small towns across America. For once, Mississippi leads the way.
  • It's beyond me why anyone would choose to spend 36 hours in Dallas, but the NYT's got you covered in case you're thusly unfortunate.
  • For the record, I am completely opposed to boys running around in women's fashions. I saw a male student in girls' skinny jeans cavorting on campus the other day. All I can say about that is, "ew."
  • Sounds like Obama will need a magic wand for this one. It's incredibly difficult to significantly reduce abortions if the far right tables all discussion on condoms, birth control pills, and acknowledging the reality that lots of Americans have sex with people to whom they aren't married. Keeping those items off the agenda is the financial lifeblood of most politically engaged pro-life groups these days. But, hey, best of luck to him.
  • A court of inquiry today posthumously exonerated a Texan who was wrongfully convicted of a 1985 Lubbock rape and who died in prison of an asthma attack ten years ago. Donate to the Innocence Project of Texas here to help free other innocent people who've been imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. And call your lawmakers to ask for a better-funded criminal justice system that will convict the people who are actually guilty of crimes - and to provide better restitution, assistance finding employment, and counseling services to exonerated inmates.
  • Things are finally getting going over at the Leg. As usual, our friends at the Texas Observer are maintaining their always-excellent "Bad Bills" watch. It wouldn't be a legislative session if Warren Chisum weren't meddling in the marriage license section of the code without thinking it through regarding abused women. Warren turns 71 on the Fourth of July this year, which probably means his years in the Leg are numbered. We'll miss you, Warren, but we sure won't miss your biennial stacks of unnecessary legislation.
  • While 152 of my 154 students were working on an assignment in class today, I pointed out that the answer to the question was most definitely not to be found on Facebook. You should've seen the look on the face of the offending sweet little girl and her friend. I bet it'll be even nastier when I kick her out next time.


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