"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


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  • MSNBC only found 25 things to love about Austin, Texas. They forgot Taco Deli and Sunday afternoons with the chicken at Ginny's. (For the record, Hey Cupcake! is the best cupcake shop, primarily because they operate out of an Airstream and because they sell a cupcake called the Michael Jackson. It's chocolate with cream cheese frosting.)
  • Here's a great photo essay on the first anniversary of Kosovo's independence. (Steve the Lawyer sent me a hilarious text yesterday: "It is WILD here now. [My boss] and I are on Mother Teresa in the crowd." It took me a minute to remember that Mother Teresa is the pedestrian street in the middle of Pristina, and that therefore our diplomats aren't behaving in a wildly irreverant fashion with regard to the most famous Kosovar ever.)
  • Michael Kavanaugh wrote a beautiful tribute to Alison Des Forges in Slate. (HT: Wronging Rights)
  • An historian's reminder that partisanship always wins in Washington, no matter how much hope you pack.
  • Leave it to those crazy Germans to come up with something seriously cool: Wii surfing the Alps.
  • Robert Mugabe is becoming the Fidel Castro of Africa, only without the excellent health care and 99% literacy rate. He turns 85 on Saturday.


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