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ew ew ew

This was supposed to be a post of vacation photos. Really.

But when you've been traveling for nine weeks straight, and the last two and a half of those weeks you've been on the other side of the country/world, and Southwest still can't manage to get their planes in the air within an hour of scheduled takeoff, and you're jet-lagged beyond belief and have to make a Major Life Decision in the next week or so, the last thing you want to come home to is the smell of rotting meat.

It seems that While We Were Out, the fridge died. That would be the fridge we complained about a year ago because it leaked droplets of water from the freezer, creating a nice little line of mold spots under the door every week. That would be the fridge that maintenance put in a request to replace over a year ago, but that did not get replaced because the property owners were going to sell, but then they changed their mind and hired all new flitty, incompetent staff who can't seem to cash my rent check, much less handle something as complicated as a broken refrigerator.

Gagging at all the mold while throwing away several hundred dollars' worth of frozen food was a super way to end the vacation, let me tell you. At least the maintenance staff is competent. I currently have a new temporary refrigerator and will have a brand new one in a few days.

I would've been happy with the removal of the stinky old one.

I hope your Thursday is off to a better start than mine.


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