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tuesday this & that

  • Yes! I always teach my students that it takes the powers that be about a year to call a recession. Now I have a perfect example, because, in case you haven't noticed, we're in a recession. Officially.
  • "BCS declares Motel 6 Top Hotel; names McCain Time's Man of the Year"
  • Yesterday I received a handout about this miracle product: The Cross Toothbrush. Their website isn't up yet, so you'll just have to take my word that it's special. Very special. Glory!
  • Only fourteen days until the Electoral College meets! I know you're all as excited as I am.
  • And in the Lovely Cities that Shouldn't Exist department, Venice is flooded.
  • Shockingly, Texas Republicans are still imploding on themselves.

(Photo: mine, the currently flooded Piazza San Marco, Venice, August 2000)


Blogger David McCullars said...

"computers have opinions since the info they use is fed in by humans"

That's quite a statement by John Kelso. I won't defend the BCS because frankly I have no opinion one way or the other, but I do like games, and in games you have to have a set of rules and -- quite often -- a preset means of keeping score. That means is often arbitrary and can sometimes produce results that "feel" to us emotional humans as out of whack. Hate to say it but Kelso just made himself look like an idiot in that article.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008 9:31:00 AM


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