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call us weird, we don't care

My apologies for the complete and total lack of posting here today. We here chez Texas in Africa woke up when our phone rang at 9:30am to learn that the electricity was out. When I finally gave up and left to have lunch with Favorite Kid #1, there were men with a ginormous corkscrew looking thing outside. I don't know what they did, as I was preoccupied with getting the eyeshadow off of my nose (oops), but by the time I got home this evening, everything was back to normal.

Of the news that is news here in Austin, Jennifer Gale died overnight. Our city has something of a tradition of political participation by transgendered or cross-dressing homeless individuals (really). Gale was a fixture at almost every single meeting of the Austin City Council, the school board, and other community governing bodies. She was also a perpetual candidate for city offices, and came very close to winning a spot on the school board a few years ago. Although Gale made an easy target, the city is genuinely worse off without someone whose commitment to improving life for all of our citizens - especially for the poor and vulnerable - was so strong. The comments about her life in her funeral guestbook make it clear that this city valued her life.


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