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what to watch for tonight

  • Obama is going to win. In the 159 polls taken in the last six weeks, Obama led in every single one.
  • The earliest exit polls are out, and for what they're worth, they show that 63% of voters said the most important issue to them is the economy. That's not surprising, and it favors Obama. As does just about everything else we know from those exit polls.
  • As does Nate Silver, I think we'll have a call for Obama from most of the networks between 9 - 10pm CST. He will win Virginia, which is a clear sign, but they can't call it so soon, because he won't be to 270 until the mountain time states' polls close.
  • Silver has a great hour-by-hour guide to what to watch for with the polls tonight.
  • Georgia. Georgia, Georgia, Georgia. Turnout there has been insane. Nobody has any idea what's going to happen. If it goes for Obama (which it may, but you'll have to wait for the Atlanta numbers to come in), the race is over. And so, possibly, is the solid Republican grip on the South.
  • Obama won Dixville Notch.
  • It appears the youth vote actually showed up for once. Lines at the UT precincts are 1.5 hours long. About 95% of the eligible voters in my class had voted by class time today. Most of them voted early. My other class is empty tonight (they're watching a movie while I catch up). I know at least 3 drove to their hometowns to vote.
  • By my count, you can take in at least 1,100 calories free-of-charge tonight, whether you voted or not. It's illegal for these companies to only offer freebies to those who voted, so go ahead and enjoy your donut/chicken sandwich/Starbucks.


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