"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


sunday this & that

  • Saints preserve us. Obama, The Musical opened in Nairobi tonight.
  • Here's hoping that RyanAir's 10 Euro London Stansted to New York fares will also be good for those of us traveling in the opposite direction.
  • Some clever commentary on California's Proposition 8. We here at Texas in Africa continue to wait for someone to give us a solid, non-Biblical-based reason why same-sex marriage shouldn't be allowed in a secular state.
  • Who's vote will matter on Tuesday? Nate Silver says Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Ohio, and Nevada. McCain has to win all of those to pull it out, and he ain't gonna win Colorado. Silver thinks he must also win Virginia and Ohio. There's also a good chance that one of Nebraska's electoral votes (the Omaha Congressional district) will go to Obama. What does all that mean? That it will be an early night. We should have results by 8pm, and I'd guess a call by at least one major network by 9pm CST.
  • Despite what you're hearing on FOX News, according to reputable polls, the race is not tightening in any significant fashion, and there's little reason to think it will in the next 36 hours. Chuck Todd explains why McCain probably won't win here.
  • George F. Will has great commentary on the historical significance of the vote.
  • Wow, I just saw a nasty anti-Obama ad from a Swiftboatesque group.


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