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Over at Inspired to Action this week, we've been focusing on the problem of human trafficking. Be sure to check out the posts on the subject, ranging from an interview with Sara Groves and Charlie Peacock to a post on the work of the International Justice Mission.

One of the things I've learned this year is that human trafficking goes on under our noses, and we're rarely aware of it. There are modern-day slaves working in our restaurants, being forced into prostitution in our towns, and cleaning our neighbors' houses. Here's a great primer on recognizing victims of human trafficking, and here's a short video that brings the point home:


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The Houston Chronicle recently ran an article on sex slavery in the Houston area. They talked about one pimp/trafficker who would bring girls across the border, mainly from South America, and would tattoo a rooster on them - his nickname was "Rooster". Everyone knew who "owned" them - like cattle. He's either in prison or awaiting trial now - I can't remember; but police have a very hard time getting his former slaves to testify because of the power he had held over them and the threats to their families.

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