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congo watch

I haven't posted much on Congo lately, mostly because it's so depressing that I needed to take a break. Here's the latest. The short version? It's getting worse.

"The population of Kiwanja is crowded around the MONUC base. Conditions are deplorable. There are no latrines, very little water, no food. Around 15000 people are crowded up to the barbed wire outside the MONUC base. They are begging for help. But the new authorities refuse to allow distributions of humanitarian aid. They have destroyed completely the IDP settlements, and there is not a trace of anything that was left when the fugitives scattered last week.

"Hortance recorded some interviews with mothers and young people. People want to go back to their homes, but they are very afraid. Fear dominates over hunger and the very real danger of cholera. The Mayi Mayi are 15 kms north, and 20kms away on the Ishasha road to the north east. That’s really not very far, so the calm is superficial. We can read anxiety and despair on the faces of these people."

Click here to donate to Heal Africa's relief efforts in North Kivu.

Also, over at Inspired to Action, I've posted a way you can help end the financing of these wars, simply by sending an email. Please take a second to check it out.

(Photo: Roberto Schmidt, AFP)


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Zim seems to headed down the same path. So frustrating.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 1:59:00 PM


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