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update from Goma

From my friend J:

Dear Friends,

I've just talked with [redacted for safety] in Goma, and the situation is very tense, as you have read on CNN and other news sources. The Kibumba camp of internally displaced people that I visited in January, (and which has been growing ever since), is empty and walking, running on the road toward Goma. A number of wounded are being cared for at the HEAL Africa hospital.

...The Nkunda troops have overrun all Congolese army posts. The city of Goma is the haven of "peace", and the added burden to the population cannot but increase tensions, which will be used to inflame further ethnic issues, which will further delay the long-awaited stable peace for the people of Congo.

...They [international humanitarian aid volunteers] wait for morning. Think of them and the people of Goma today, while they are sleeping.


Other news, from CNN:

"Bertrand Bisimwa, a spokesman for the rebels, told the AP that rebel fighters had moved to within seven miles (11 kilometers) of Goma.

"Later Monday, a U.N. spokeswoman told the AP that U.N. peacekeepers were using helicopters to attack the rebels at the village of Kibumba, about 28 miles (45 kilometers) north of Goma."


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