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a morning at College GameDay

Another year, another College GameDay Live visit to Austin, Texas. Today's edition featured the usual set of funny signs:
The reverse of this one said, "Get Big and Rich out of my ci-tay."

People, don't drag your young children down into the crazyness at the front. It only makes them miserable, and, given the prevalence rate of drunk frat boys, your child is likely to learn some colorful language of which your wife won't approve.If, however, you've taught your kid the Heisman pose, you get a pass on the above point.
Of course, there were plenty of signs mocking our opponent:
But the crucifixion de tiger was a bit much: I liked how our sign turned out, even after we moved back out of the madness to get some shade by the band.
This, however, is way premature:


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