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missional driving

I got stuck behind this on I-35 for a good 15 minutes today. 'Cause, you know, who doesn't buy a church pew and strap it to the top of his minivan?

(To be fair, my sister does own a pew. But it's a tiny one. Its name is Pepe. (Get it?) And I'm pretty sure it was never strapped to the top of a minivan by people laboring under the illusion that they drive fast enough to be in the left lane.)


Blogger Charlie Mac said...

Down here in Lower Alabama it seems to be the rule that if you are driving anywhere near (read just under) the speed limit, whether posted or perceived, you are entitled to drive in the left lane. Should you be traveling under emergency conditions such as a flat tire or an unusual load (as you pictured) the driver is free to choose the left lane. I suppose it is closer to the grass for the driver should he or she need to abandon their vehicle in a hurry.
No amount of reading the Official Alabama Traffic rules or fussin by other drivers (included but not limited to, riding their bumper, honking horn, making obscene hand gestures, etc.)makes any difference what so ever.
It is also a rule down here that before making a turn in one direction, you should first swing your vehicle into the edge of the opposite lane, just in case you forgot and are pulling either your U-Haul or boat trailer.
Oh, by the way, I think I recognize the vehicle with the pew on top. It is a traveling evangelist from this area who is too high class for folding chair audiences.
Charlie Mac
Who has decided to quit obsessing about who should or should not win the upcoming election. Asi es la vida, Que alegria!

Monday, October 06, 2008 8:38:00 AM


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