"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


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As longtime readers know, I'm a big fan of people who help out the vulnerable, especially when they put aside other concerns and wants to do so. Churches that give up their fancy new building projects to help AIDS patients in Africa, people who don't have much themselves but still sponsor a child they'll never meet, and people who don't just talk the pro-life line but who actually take in children nobody else wants to take care of - these are the people who really inspire me.

So let me tell you about Brian and Amy, who are adopting two kids from Ethiopia later this year. Despite the fact that we have the same unusual last name, we're not related, and I don't really know them that well, but I used to teach their oldest daughter in GA's, and they moved from Austin to the part of Tennessee where I grew up. Their daughter had the most profound theological insight of any six-year-old I've ever known, and the other GA leader and I were beyond sad when they moved away. I stumbled across Brian's blog last year during the 40 Day Fast and have been following their adoption adventure ever since.

Brian and Amy are trying to raise funds to finance their adoption travel, and they need your help. For the last couple of weeks, they've been running an UNRAFFLE (Baptists don't gamble), and they have a goal of selling ten more tickets before tomorrow. Here are the details from Brian's blog:

It is time to get the UNRAFFLE started. Remember, this is not a full on “raffle” because of our Southern Baptist upbringing and once you head down a path like that you may never make it back. So, we are doing an UNRAFFLE and selling UNTICKETS to you.

100% of the money raised through the UNRAFFLE will help offset our travel costs for our African Adoption. If you don’t know us, feel free to read a quick Seay Family adoption summary.

Here are the details:

UNTICKETS: You will receive 1 UNTICKET for every $25 you donate. There is no limit to how many UNTICKETS you can have in the drawing.

PRIZE: The prize for the UNRAFFLE is a 7 day/night resort stay at your choice of hundreds of locations. We have 2 of these prizes so that means two different people will walk away winners.

$25 to win a vacation somewhere? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. And even if you don't win, you'll still have the satisfaction of knowing that you were part of growing a family, and giving two children a safe, loving home. Hop on over and buy an UNTICKET today!


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