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weekend this, that, & th'other

  • Sarah Palin's got a pastor who says crazy things, too. He believes we'll all be running to Alaksa in the "last days."
  • Did Sarah Palin try to ban books in her city library?
  • This is a heartbreaking story about family court for children who are in the state's custody. A friend of mine became a foster parent this year and has learned far more about this stuff than she ever wanted to know. I have a huge respect for her, not only because she allowed her life to be turned upside down, but also because she doesn't just talk the pro-life line; she did something to help kids who are already here. She is facing a big decision about the two sweet girls she fosters and would appreciate your prayers.
  • Only 59 days to the election. Thank goodness.
  • Sounds like it's fairly miserable in D.C. today. Y'all hang in there.
  • An antidote to all those women who go insane the minute they get engaged.


Blogger MamasBoy said...

"Did Sarah Palin try to ban books in her city library?"

According to the article you linked to, there was never a request to remove any particular book from the local library. So, the answer is apparently, "No."

Are you sure you're not a democrat? Having attended their caucus and having a huge discrepancy party affiliation of those you criticize would seem to indicate that you are a Democrat in spirit even if you aren't registered as one.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008 6:31:00 PM


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