"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


saturday this & that

  • This is an appalling story of neglect of some senior citizens in Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.
  • The discussion the other day about race and the McCain campaign was interesting, if not surprising. I've been too sick to mediate it, but I will say that I think we're kidding ourselves if we think that race still isn't an issue in this country, and that recognizing that it's an issue does not make one a racist. On that note, the Baptist Center for Ethics released a new DVD this week about Baptists and race. My friend Laura the Elder is interviewed, as is my father's longtime friend Javier Elizondo. I think their explanations of the subtle ways racism is expressed will be eye-opening for many of us. The overt racism Laura the Elder has experienced and shared with me - things that happened this year, with people who take their faith seriously - are absolutely appalling. Get your church to order a copy of this DVD and start a discussion around this important issue.
  • I know the Texas State Board of Education way too well. These people - many of whom don't believe public education should exist - should not be in control of what our children are learning.
  • Judging from how often Karl Rove keeps showing up in our department, the Bushies really are coming back to town. And they may have a tough time.


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