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political fallout

There's lots going on in terms of political fallout from the failed bailout for the financial services industry:
  • D'oh! McCain gets a lesson in not counting chickens before they hatch.
  • McCain blames Obama; Obama blames the market.
  • Everyone who voted today is up for re-election a month from Saturday. However, a relatively small number of those seats are actually competitive. Looking at the voting patterns from today, it's interesting to note that only 8 of 38 representatives in competitive races voted for the bailout. In non-competitive races, it was almost even, 197-198. Twenty-three of the 26 who aren't running for re-election voted for the bailout.
  • In other words, this vote was entirely political.
  • I think Obama just won the race. If Biden can keep his mouth shut and let Sarah Palin make a fool of herself on Thursday, that'll seal it up.
  • Another weekend, another round of fighting in North Kivu, including around Sake. This has nothing to do with the bailout, but it's a reminder that some people deal with much bigger problems than the status of their 401K.


Blogger Michael said...

I think Obama has had this thing sewn up, but yeah, he's got it now (barring being an idiot).

And . . . of course it was political. What on Washington isn't. I don't think Pelosi helped either. I don't disagree with much of what she said, but she definitely aided Republican fence-sitters.

Monday, September 29, 2008 7:36:00 PM


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