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in which cynicism takes over

Well, in what is perhaps the least shocking news story ever, here's an analysis of the fact that Texas teenagers 1) are more likely to get abstinence-based sex ed than anything else in school (and the state gets more money than any other state for abstinence-only sex ed) and 2) have the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. Oh, and the abstinence-only programs don't appear to have any measurable effect on behavior.

I'm sure someone somewhere is arguing that there's not even a tiny causal relationship between these facts.

In other news, the demographics of women who have abortions have changed a lot in the last 30 years. Now, most women who have abortions are a lot less white and are older than they used to be. As earlier studies indicate, there's a high correlation between low income and having an abortion, and since race and income also correlate, this isn't terribly surprising.

But, hey, let's keep policies that screw over the poor and make it impossible for poor women to raise healthy, well-educated children. It's what Jesus would do, right?


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