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god's own party

Oh, I hate political conventions. And, yet, I watch.

The RNC is pretty much what I've expected so far. Palin knocked her speech out of the park, even if she did throw out a few statements that were less than 100% accurate. She came off as likeable and relatable, and managed to avoid talking about policy areas she knows little about. And I spent the whole speech fighting off a sudden and overwhelming urge to backcomb my hair.

McCain, for his part, is still talking as I write this, but he's doing much better at delivery of the speech than he normally does. McCain is notorious for struggling with teleprompters, but he clearly practiced this and is doing well.

The only other observations I have about the RNC are:

1) It's white. Really white. I heard on NPR that there
are exactly 36 African-American delegates to the convention.

2) The GOP has apparently become the party of big government spending. Why else would McCain be talking about spending so much money on job programs, something Republicans have traditionally opposed? Could it be because he knows he's seen as out-of-touch with those who are suffering in this economy?

3) Someone needs to tell Code Pink that they're not helping anything.

I can't take any more of these political infomercials. Back to football.


Blogger Michael said...

1. I still don't think the white thing matters. It's not like blacks were going to say "Wow! There are 300 black guys there! Let's vote Republican!"
2. Republicans have been big spenders since 9/11 which is why conservatives have abandoned the party. McCain my have a liberal job program, but he is about the only person that conservatives trust to cut spending on the whole. If he can't do it, no one ever will.
3. I had to google Code Pink. And no, they aren't helping anyone.

Friday, September 05, 2008 8:00:00 AM


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