"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


while we were out

A whole bunch of stuff happened:
  • The Librarian started a blog! Go over there and harass her to join Facebook!
  • Katherine gave us a really challenging post on missions.
  • 2,000 rapes were reported in one month in North Kivu. That's the reported rate, not the actual rate, which is almost certainly much, much higher. Again, we would not stand by if this were happening here. You can help women and girls who are victims of this terrorism by donating to Heal Africa, which provides comprehensive care to rape victims.
  • The Baylor regents fired university President John Lilley. This wasn't terribly surprising and it's just another indication that the underlying tensions left over from the Sloan era were never resolved. The CPP has been ill and I've been overseas, so we don't have all the details on what actually happened. It certainly had something to do with the tenure issues from April and the football logo, but I think it really has to do with these problems among the regents and other members of the Baylor "family" that still haven't been settled. Lilley is a decent, intelligent man, but no one could have brought the two sides together in the conditions under which Lilley was hired. And who in his or her right mind would want the job now?
  • Far more disturbing than the Lilley firing is the regents' decision to expand the board membership to 24. While the BGCT will still get to pick 1/4 of the regents, this means that they'll be able to pack the board with those who share Sloan's vision. I believe that this is a bad direction for my alma mater.
  • After five months of saving all the good stuff for a book, Stuff White People Like appears to be funny again.
  • The Saudis are completely insane. And yet we continue to deal with them.
  • I have plans for Saturday evening, but am nonetheless tempted to go see a band called The Hot Pentecostals. Simply because of their name.
  • A beer truck spilled hundreds of gallons on the Beltway yesterday. I bet it was easier to get out of that than it was to get out of the tar truck spill on the Wilson Bridge 7 years ago. Not that I'm still bitter about those four hours of life I'll never have again...
  • I liked the Dark Knight. And I LOVED that there's an example (albeit a bit imperfect) of the Prisoner's Dilemma in it. That they put actual prisoners in it made it all the more fun. Teaching game theory just got a lot easier.


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