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Well, there's been a lot of live music here in the world of Texas in Africa of late, and what with all the dissertating and preparing for a new school year, we haven't had time to review any of it. All I can say is that My Morning Jacket last night at Stubb's was unbelievable. They played for almost three hours solid, with only a three or four minute break before the encore. Highlights are too many to name, but I especially enjoyed hearing "Evelyn is Not Real," my favorite song of their 1999 debut The Tennessee Fire. They covered most of their new release, Evil Urges, and a good chunk of It Still Moves and Z. It was epic.

Thursday night the Attorney got a group together to see the Heartless Bastards at the Continental Club. I'd never heard them live before, but wow, oh, wow. Their sound is something akin to what you'd get if Janis Joplin fronted the Drive-By Truckers. Lead singer Erica Wennerstrom has a voice. They've been playing a series of midnight Thursday shows at the Continental, and if you're in Austin, you should try to catch them while you can. They're also playing the ACL Festival in late September.Finally, Favorite Kid #2's rock band made their Sixth Street debut at the 311 Club last weekend. Being as FK #1 decided to abandon us for the Big City (something about college, finding her place in the world, whatever), I had charge of FK #2 and FK #3 and so got the privilege of going out on a Saturday night on 6th with the boys. The band, which shall remain nameless here because I won't print its actual name, did a great job and I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing their lead singer on American Idol one of these days.


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