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last night in live music: the hold steady

My ears are still ringing from last night's sold out The Hold Steady show at the Parish. There's not much to say about the group except that they know how to put on a show. It's been a long time since I've seen fans that were that enthusiastice. We were seriously afraid the floor was going to break through from all the jumping. The show was a 90 minute overview of their albums, and just a lot of fun.

The same cannot be said of opening act The Loved Ones. Despite our best efforts, we caught the second half of their set. How can I describe it? Their sound is something akin to a group of 20-something guys who only listened to TRL in their formative years, loved Green Day, and tried to sound like something that plays in the background of an MTV reality show after Spencer and Heidi break up yet again. In other words, not something you want to watch, and not something that should be opening for one of the few bands from Brooklyn that don't suck.


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