"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


sunday this & that

  • A cool project to collect labels from all over the world.
  • Money-management tips for the newly financially independent.
  • I read all about this guy a couple of weeks ago. He apparently sold nuclear technology to all kinds of bad people. Gre-eat.
  • Here's a fun piece on cheap African safaris. I will say this, while "cheap" is a relative term, my experiences in African game parks were 1,000 times better than what I would've gotten if we'd shelled out serious bucks for the luxury tented camps and whatnot. There's just nothing like hiking across the savanna and realizing that you're 100 yards from a giraffe - with no fence between you and him. Camping in the parks is also an unbelievably cool experience. This article points out that you shouldn't get out of your tent at night, and they're right. One night ten years ago in northern Tanzania, my tentmate Anne got deathly ill due to heatstroke. She woke me up, saying, "I have to go throw up." "Then go throw up," I mumbled. (I am not a very sympathetic person when I'm half asleep.) "I'm not going alone," she replied. "There are THINGS out there." So out of my comfy sleeping bag I got, and we went over to what could generously be described as a toilet for her to get do what she had to do. While she did that, I got to stand guard and watch the little eyes of who knows what circling our campsite out in the blackness. I'm guessing they were hyenas, and I'm really glad we never found out. You don't get that kind of experience with Abercrombie & Kent.
  • Here's a perfect poem for a summer Sunday.


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