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health care a la jester

For my intro American government class, I've developed a series of ways for students to do a term paper that is usually a little more interesting than a traditional, library-based research project. In election years, I have the students do a mock debate. Some ask questions, others answer. The students seem to like it, and it gets them engaged in understanding current political issues, which is one of my main goals for the course. It also meets a goal of involving students of diverse educational interests in experiential learning while requiring them to synthesize information in a creative way.

This summer, they had the option to get some extra credit by posting video questions on YouTube. I will definitely do this again as it's a good way to integrate technology in the classroom. Check out what they came up with.


Blogger Ray said...

Laura, this is a great assignment! The kids have done a wonderful job. I especially like the one on health care.

Sunday, June 22, 2008 9:20:00 PM


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