"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


fun in the mail

Dear Texas in Africa,

"Pre-Owned Saturns are in great demand right now, due to extreme economic conditions. We could use your 1996 Saturn SL to fill over 30 special requests for this type of vehicle. We would like to buy your Saturn at or above market prices in an effort to meet these demands."

Saturn of Austin

It's really too bad that 1) my Saturn bascially exploded once it hit 85,000 miles, costing thousands of dollars in repairs each year and blowing out the alternator every 5 years like clockwork; and 2) after I traded it in "to be sold for scrap," it apparently became the suspect vehicle in a murder-kidnapping case. Or at least that's what the homicide detective who called me to find out where I'd sold it said.

Oh, well.


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