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It's time for the 40 Day Fast!

Last year at this time, I was living and researching in the eastern DR Congo when somehow (and I really can't remember how), I came across Kat's website. She had come up with a great idea: that over the course of 40 days, 40 bloggers would each take one day to fast on behalf of a need somewhere in the world and an organization serving that need. This snowballed and led to the creation of Inspired to Action, a site where I (ahem) sometimes write (along with the rest of the site staff) about simple ways to make a difference. It's also been fun for me to be a part of a community of bloggers I've never met, but who share my passion for serving those in need.

This year's 40 Day Fast is being hosted at Inspired to Action, where we're choosing 40 bloggers to focus on 40 specific issues. It begins on Monday, June 23, and will last through July.

Would you consider being part of this year's fast? The registration page is here - all you have to do is sign up, tell us about your cause, and we'll choose 40 bloggers to focus on these issues. Anyone can participate in the fast, and everyone is encouraged to join in on the last day, August 1. Please join us in helping to raise awareness for the billions of people who suffer worldwide.


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