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dilemmas of modern life

Over the weekend, I got a save-the-date for the wedding of one of my closest friends from New Haven. We were some of the only women doing international security stuff, which meant we bonded for life over the fact that the boys wouldn't take us seriously until we proved we knew our stuff about weapons systems. She's still fighting the boys over national security matters, while I'm safely ensconsed in the world of academia, but she is one of my only friends with whom I can seriously discuss both theories of state collapse, responses to terrorist attacks on a major port, and serious fashion dilemmas, like what to wear when an invitation says "evening casual."

Anyway, she was planning to get married early next year, but plans have changed, and she's tying the knot with her sweetheart in October. In Vermont. On OU weekend.


To make matters worse, this is two years in a row that a good friend has chosen this particular weekend for a wedding. And it's my last season of big-time college football, probably ever as I have no intention of ever teaching at an institution like UT again. Although dear, dear Aunt Becki's 50-yard-line seats will hopefully be available for many years to come, I won't always be so close, and my baby sister won't always be living in the Big D.

To be fair, they're Yankees. They don't know any better, bless their hearts. And the second weekend in October is absolutely perfect as far as seeing the fall foliage goes. It will be lovely.

What am I going to do?!?


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