"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)



Happy Father's Day to my daddy! My dad is the coolest, and is a great husband and father. He retired this year from being editor-in-chief of a publication that had a huge circulation. At his retirement party, I got to give a speech about all the ways he's made a difference in our lives. As my sister pointed out later, we never had to worry that our dad would work late or not be there for us - he was always home for dinner at 6, and he never missed anything significant in our lives growing up. He has never - not once - said that I couldn't do something if I put my mind to it, but he also gives wise advice and encourages us to make the best decisions. He loves us unconditionally, and we are so lucky to have him as our father.

My dad gave me my hair and eyes, as well as my sense of adventure and love of music (My dad got to be a dj in his small West Texas town as a teenager because he had the best record collection. He even met Elvis!). It's also his fault that I am incapable of allowing students to get away with using poor grammar and syntax. :) Daddy and I also share an innate sense of direction, which has come in handy everywhere from the streets of Nairobi to a canyon on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande. He also gave me my sense of humor, which he helped to develop by allowing me to watch far too many episodes of The Muppet Show as a child, which is why I think stuff like this is hilarious:

I love you, daddy!


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