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why i will never buy a mac

1.  I am currently sitting in an Apple store in Arlington, Virginia, waiting longer than necessary for an appointment I made 24 hours ago.  They're running behind.
2.  This is because yesterday, mid-song change, my iPod made a staticky sound and then blew up.
3.  By "blew up," I mean that it no longer does anything except turn the screen half black and half white.
4.  An employee at this store wasn't very nice to me when I arrived and sat down for my appointment.  I didn't say anything to anyone else, but the sales manager came, apologized, and hugged me.
5.  I don't want to be hugged by a stranger.
6.  This is the fourth iPod that has blown up on me in less than 4 years.
7.  Why would I want to buy any more products from a company that can't sell me something that works for longer than 14 months?
8. Especially when I am spending precious VACATION time at the freaking Apple store in a mall full of eighth-grade tripping children behaving badly?


Blogger euphrony said...

Why would he or she think a hug appropriate? Or am I missing something, a new trend in social allowances? No, probably not.

Thursday, May 22, 2008 8:42:00 AM

Blogger LJ said...

Oh I've gotta defend Macs here. Can't. Help. Myself...

Seriously though, I've heard so many issues with iPods but the customer service with the computers themselves I've heard nothing but great things about.

My sister had several issues with her and had prompt responses that were excellent. My experience with Dell was ok, and my mom's with Best Buy and Sony was ick ick awful. There's something nice about the ability to walk directly into the store selling your computer and to deal directly with THEM if you encounter issues.

Ok, that was ridiculously long, haha. Oh well. Hope you got all resolved on the iPod. Issues with ones access to music is just plain cruel!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008 9:04:00 AM


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