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who's got the line?

Wow, am I tired. After six parties this weekend, I'm about to catch a flight, on which I plan to promptly go back to sleep.

One of the most fun aspects of this weekend was that O-Line was back in town. He graduated last year, but Dr. O-Line wanted to walk at graduation, which in our program you have to do in May. So it was a fun weekend of hanging out with an old friend.

O-Line brought his girlfriend to meet everyone who didn't meet her at our conference in Chicago, and to show her Austin. And he decided that yesterday, she needed to see the weirdest thing in the weird city of Austin, an event that takes place every Sunday afternoon at Ginny's Little Longhorn whose name I cannot print on this blog. You can read ALL about it here. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Yes, you read that right. Here in the sophisticated city of Austin, 200 people cram themselves into a tiny bar every Sunday afternoon to watch a chicken poop.

Of course, that bar has a steeple, and Dale Watson usually plays, so I guess you could consider it evening church. In a manner of speaking. Did I mention that I was in pearls, due to the fact that I had a graduation dinner to get to and that I hadn't had time to change since church? Right.

At any rate, the main reason we were there was so that O-Line's sweetheart could witness this spectacle. The poor girl. She's a nice Jewish girl from New Hampshire and apparently they don't do this kind of thing up there. (Clearly, she really likes O-Line.)

Anyway, the great Dale Watson played, we all managed to get tickets for bingo, and the crowd waited for about 20 minutes for the chicken to do his business. Which he did on my square, #47.

Technically, that's not true. Technically, the bird, um, went, on the line. But the majority of his um, yeah, was on my square.

Now. I don't dispute that the person holding the "line" ticket should've won. Ginny gives separate tickets for any line and any corner on the board. (Who knew this would be so detailed?) But the problem was that nobody had the "line" ticket, and so they went to a tiebreaker, where some woman who had #12 claimed that it was hers. It was SO not hers. Anyway, Ginny ended up giving it to the band, which is perfectly fine with me. But I don't imagine I'll ever be that close to winning again. Sigh.


Blogger Debra said...

we celebrated Claire & Brian's first anniversary listening to Dale Watson and playing chicken' sh bingo. Watson played at their reception./just keepin austin weird./dw

Monday, May 19, 2008 10:30:00 PM


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